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Say hello to our latest client – North East Independent Property Inspections

Established in 2014, North East Independent Property Inspections (NEIPI) specializes in all types of building inspections for the residential and commercial markets.

Did you know that Melbourne’s average house price have shot above $650,000 in July 2014? For most families this is the most important and expensive purchase of their lives yet research shows that a high percentage of buyers don’t get a building and pest inspection done.

You wouldn’t buy a second had car without looking under the hood, so why risk purchasing a new home without getting a building and pet inspection done?

For more information visit

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More on the topic – is email dead?

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What can I say? Looks like it’s not only not dead yet – it has absolutely no plans to die.

Is Email Dead? [Infographic]

courtesy of Visible Gains

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How to tell you have a healthy email list?

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Having a healthy email list is very important. Using a bad one will quickly get you banned by any major Email List Manager especially if  you plan on using an US based service. Plus, penalties for spamming are quite serious. But what is a healthy list?

You collected it yourself
Buying a list or using email addresses of people who have no idea who you are will do you no good. In fact, it is more beneficial for a business to do nothing then try using an email  list of questionable origin. Unless you want to promote yourself as a spammer, of course. It is worth remembering that penalties are very serious.

You let people know what you intend to do
Say you collect email addresses of your clients who believe you will only use them for business purposes – contact them if there are problems with their order, clarify details, etc. They are generally OK with that. Does that mean they will be happy to receive sales and marketing emails from you? Not necessarily. How they will react? Will they be OK with it or not? If not, they may ignore your emails, unsubscribe or complain. And too many unsubscribes or complains will get you banned. End of story.

You use the list regularly
Even a good list will go stale after a while. People change email addresses, move to other jobs, etc. Using your list at least once a month will keep it healthy because a good Email List Manager will clean out bounced back email addresses.

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So, is email dead?

Well, it may surprise some people but no, email isn’t dead yet. Not even close, it seems.

According to a recent  survey by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, of all online adults, 92% use email, with 61% using it on an average day. See it for yourself here.

As a business tool, email is still invaluable. Social media is a great tool too but can you really conduct a meaningful business conversation via Twitter or Facebook? Posting or sharing confidental business documents? Could be hard, don’t you agree?

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A tramp. © Igor Bissikalo

Oh, the wonderful life of freedom! No rules, no responsibilities, no care!

God, I love it! Day after day I wonder why people look at me with  pity or disgust. Why?

Really… I see all these masses of people and cars rushing one way in the morning and another way at night. Not many off them people look very happy to me. Stressed out, worried? Yes, there is plenty of that.

And here I am – on a side of the road. Laying about in a gutter, not a worry, mate. I have my smokes, my drink, and my freedom to do nothing. I am not worried about being late because I am not going anywhere. I am not worried about loosing my job and my house because I don’t have them.

This is my choice of life. I live like this because I want to. I love freedom. As simple as that. I just love having nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Except, of course, my trusted old bag.  Trusted old, scruffy bag full of money…

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Traffic Control


Traffic Control. © Igor Bissikalo.

Sam Shem’chlaki didn’t really like his job. Not really. More like not at all, even. If you think about it, you could pretty much say he hated it. Big time.

Being rooted on a side of the road, looking at all this traffic moving past… Happy people, not very much so, all going somewhere, smiling, frowning, talking, arguing… Moving. Bastards! Arghhh!

Sam was a traffic policeman, stuck to one place for the duration of his contract – placed on top of a tree trunk, rooted into one place day and night, summer or winter. A pair of binoculars and a whistle… A smart phone… Not an iPhone or anything but still.

Actually, it was quite OK at the beginning – first five years or so. After ten, he have had enough. Getting close to fifteen he started to feel he’s getting a bit mad. All this traffic… Day and night… Moving. Moving. Moving!

Good thing, Sam didn’t have a gun.

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The Sad Monster

Sad monster © Igor Bissikalo

It’s dark in here… and so quiet… I am not quite sure where I am but it doesn’t feel good. Not that I am afraid of the dark, har-har-har! Har-har-har. Har…

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeh, why I am here? What have I done? OK, you could point that I am a monster, but so what? Am I scary? Am I ugly? Do I smell? Not really!

Still, this darkness is making me nervous… Not good. Not good at all. What was that? Did you hear it? You think, there are people here, in the  dark? I think so too!

Damn, this is not good at all… I want to get out of here!!!!!

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Welcome the spider, search engine spider

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a technique employed to drive organic or non-paid traffic to your website. Being on top of the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your target keywords and getting majority of web traffic this way is the ultimate goal and desire of every website owner. Well, there could be other goals and desires but I will concentrate on those related to SEO.

Depending on your target keywords, this can be relatively easy or extremely hard to achieve. Easy or not, this will require quite a bit of time, 6 months or more, and some major effort. The search engine spider is a slow creature.

That’s why it is recommended first to test your chosen keywords using another technique known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM, which is all about driving paid traffic to your website via Google Adwords or similar service. The result is instant although not necessarily cheap, especially if you forget to set your daily budget or let Goggle helpfully set it for you.

Anyway, the major SEO benefit of the paid traffic is in the relatively fast fine tuning of your keywords or keyphrases before you begin full scale optimisation of your website for free traffic.

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The Relic

The Relic © Igor Bissikalo

At first, we couldn’t see what it was. I mean, with all this damn fog you couldn’t see much at all…

But, as we got closer, what was just a dark blurry form started to take shape. Still, it took us forever to get close enough to appreciate the thing for real.

God, was it old! There was some extensive natural damage, whole parts of the structure missing here and there. One side looked like chewed on by some huge mechanical beast, tooth marks still clearly visible after all these years.

There could be no mistake  – it was what we have looked for all along. It was The Relic.


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