Email List Management

Email newsletters are powerful promotional tools that are relatively inexpensive but extremely effective.

Newsletters are great for advertising and promoting your services and products, spreading news and ideas – all this can be achieved relatively easy and very cost effectively. Newsletters are also excellent for traffic generation that can do wonders for your bottom line.

To enjoy these benefits and more, as a bare minimum, you will need the following:

  • Legitimate list of opt-in email subscribers that you have collected yourself
    Buying a list or using email addresses of people who have no idea who you are will do you no good. In fact, it is more beneficial for a business to do nothing then try using an email  list of questionable origin. Unless you want to promote yourself as a spammer, of course. It is worth remembering that penalties are very serious.
  • Good Email List Management software or service
    Forget about Outlook – it is not enough! If you are serious about email marketing, get some serious tools. There is a lot of email list management services and, depending on your circumstances, one can suit you more than the another. I like using MailChimp List Manager, because it is quite flexible, cost-effective and comes with lots of additional features such as list segmentation, free email templates, email delivery reporting, easy integration with your own website as well as Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, and many others. Mailchimp is relatively easy to use by yourself, alternatively there are numerous Mailchimp Experts such as ourselves.
  • Something to sell or promote
    Well, if you are interested in email marketing, you probably have this already organised.

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