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A tramp. © Igor Bissikalo

Oh, the wonderful life of freedom! No rules, no responsibilities, no care!

God, I love it! Day after day I wonder why people look at me with  pity or disgust. Why?

Really… I see all these masses of people and cars rushing one way in the morning and another way at night. Not many off them people look very happy to me. Stressed out, worried? Yes, there is plenty of that.

And here I am – on a side of the road. Laying about in a gutter, not a worry, mate. I have my smokes, my drink, and my freedom to do nothing. I am not worried about being late because I am not going anywhere. I am not worried about loosing my job and my house because I don’t have them.

This is my choice of life. I live like this because I want to. I love freedom. As simple as that. I just love having nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Except, of course, my trusted old bag.  Trusted old, scruffy bag full of money…

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The Ugly Booch of Sty


The Ugly Booch of Sty © Igor Bissikalo

When, back in 1904, this sculpture had been accidentally excavated in some god-forgotten region of Sahara, it has immediately been affectionately named the Ugly Booch of Sty or simply Sty.

What this artifact depicts is anyone’s guess although some may say it looks like a pig alien or perhaps an alien pig.

Whatever it was supposed to be we will, probably, never know – the precious object was stolen during the Great Golden Pumpkin robbery of 1931 and has never been seen again.


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