Websites need traffic to survive

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Websites need traffic to survive

It is a fact – websites thrive with healthy traffic. Traffic stimulates activity, brings visitors and generates revenue. If you have something to say or sell, you will need to have visitors or customers and in some reasonable numbers. Your own promotional activities (including social media) aside, the vast majority of new users will find you via search engines (Google or not) so, unless you are in a market without competition, you have to make yourself visible and easy to find.

There two major ways to drive traffic via search engines:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps with driving organic or non-paid traffic to your website.  The SEO is all about increasing findability of the website by search engines. Any serious results will take some time and effort although basic optimisation is quite straight-forward. Although it is often mentioned as an opposition to paid marketing, the serious SEO isn’t free or even cheap;
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) takes care of paid traffic. The result is instant and highly customisable. When set up correctly, you may find that it is not that expensive. It is a great way to test your chosen keywords before any serious investment into the SEO.


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